The Top Books In 2016 That Helped Me Grow As A Leader

As I’ve looked back at over 11 years in the workplace, the word “leadership” has been somewhat of an enigma. It’s a word lots of people used – but what does it actually mean in my organization, places I volunteer or even inside my family?

While there are thousands of definitions of leadership, I was able to experience significant growth in 2016 through the help of lots of prayer, a tremendous mentor, amazing teammates, a supportive family, individual assessment tools and these great books.

The common denominator in all of these titles is research. For me, being an authoritative source on leadership requires more than catchy sayings, the latest concepts and good stories. I buy-in when you’ve walked the walk…when your experience drives your teaching. And in most, if not all of these books, research is at the core of their concepts.

2016 brought a lot of personal clarity in the area of leadership. May these titles help you grow in 2017!


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